What is Digital Marketing strategy?
Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing strategy?

Digital marketing refers to the process of marketing of the product or website using digital technologies. This technique is mainly done through the internet. Nowadays, this is one of the fastest-growing methodologies in the IT industry. A digital marketing strategy focused on increasing the reach and visibility of our business. This article of Digital Marketing is going to add great value to your life so don’t skip any paragraph, keep reading this till the end.

It can be any form of marketing of the products or services that involve electronic devices.

Digital Marketing is primarily focused on costumers. Technology grows day-to-day. People first use the internet to search for every product or anything they want. So, the promotion of products or brands are very essential and it is done through digital marketing. It is also known as online marketing or web marketing.

It is not only used for promotions of a product but also for the 24*7 customer support to make the customers more closely.

It turns our business into a brand and promotes it worldwide

Digital Marketing helps to get more traffic on our website. Traffic refers to the number of users who visits our website.

It is possible to include social media in Digital marketing.

Use of social media allows us to get both positive and negative feedback from the customers

It provides an increased advantage for brands and businesses.

Digital marketing is broadly classified into two:

  • In-Bound digital marketing
  • Out-Bound digital marketing


Inbound and outbound digital marketing

In-Bound digital marketing: Promoting the business online with an unpaid or paid campaign.

Example: Facebook, YouTube

Types of In-Bound includes:

SEO: Search engine optimization is a technique used in digital marketing to increase the number of users by getting the website high position in search results.

SMO/SMM: Social Media Optimization(SMO) used to increases the visibility of profiles in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

PPC: It stands for Pay Per Click. It is a digital marketing strategy in which advertisers pay every time a user clicks on one of their ads.

Content marketing: it is a digital marketing technique used to attract the audience by creating and distributing effective content.

SEM: It performs digital marketing. It includes the promotion of websites by increasing its visibility.

Email Marketing: While using email marketing, it will send a commercial message to a group of people through email. It is considered as email marketing

Out-Bound Digital Marketing: promoting Business offline or do marketing your business without investment.

Example:  Bulk Messages, TV ads

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Type of Out-bound is:

SMS/MMS: SMS marketing is a type of marketing that sends a message to a group of people. Commonly known as text messages.

TV ads:  It involves promoting businesses by making ads and reaching it to the audience through television. We can see it whenever we are viewing television.

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