Essay on Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Internet is something without which we cannot even imagine our lives. It is one of the greatest achievements in the field of technology. The smallest of things ate away a major part of our time and effort in the past. But the internet has been successful in easing them for mankind. Any kind of information like the essay on internet is just a few taps away on the internet. This article is about Essay on Internet Advantages and Disadvantages so keep reading this article till the end.

The Internet has flipped our reality upside down. Also, because of the rapid advancement in internet technology, we have come to a stage where we spend most of our day while surfing on the internet. Also, it has made the world all the more aware of its surroundings. Not only, the reach of the internet has broadened in the present world, but also, its pros and cons have risen enormously. Most importantly, the internet has become an integral part of our life.

Where it all started?

In the early 1900s, the idea of a “world wireless system” had already hit the nerves of the great Nikola Tesla. Similarly, thinkers like Paul Olet and Vannevar Bush also toyed with the ideas of searchable systems of books and other media in the 1930s and 1940s.

Afterward, in the 1960s, the idea of an “Intergalactic Network” of computers by MIT’s J.C.R. Licklider, gained popularity. Consequently, the foundations of another building block of the internet, packet switching was established by computer engineers and scientists.

ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network led to the development of the first workable prototype of the internet in the late 1960s. Therefore, the technology kept on growing to Transmission Control Protocols and Internet Protocols, bringing us to the present generation of the internet.

Advantages of the Internet

The internet is a storehouse of abundant knowledge and entertainment of all sorts. There are a plethora of pros offered by the internet which are seldom realized in daily lives. Also, some benefits of the internet are so common that we sometimes fail to recognise it. Also, the internet has got a major role to play in our daily tasks. In this essay on internet, we have mentioned some of the advantages of the internet that prove it to be a boon for humanity.

●    Connectivity

Firstly, the internet establishes an easy network of communication. Video calls, meetings and chats are extremely easy and accessible ways to instantly share information and graphics to anyone in your contacts.

●    Information and Knowledge

Secondly, the internet can be regarded as a black hole in the field of information. Whenever a certain idea or a question pops up in your mind, the search engines are there for your rescue. The internet is a great storehouse of information and knowledge.

●    Mapping

Thirdly, GPS technology is another powerful way of spreading information in all parts of the world. Also, it is the fastest way to identify opportunities and businesses of your interest. Besides, the internet helps in finding locations. No more stopping by the corners and asking the directions. Finally, the internet is extremely efficient in finding the address and contact details of the businesses around you.

●    Easy Money

In the present days, working in the MNCs and local businesses is no more essential for earning money. Since there are numerous other technologies connected to the internet, there are abundant job and work opportunities available on the internet.

Also, there are many ways to earn easy money by effectively using the internet. Furthermore, it is a great way of selling goods and making money as it is the best place to sell your services. Most importantly, the reach of your business is broader using the internet.

●    Banking

Just like all other fields, banking hasn’t been left untouched by the reach of the internet. Internet banking is a one-way solution to skip the long queues for paying bills and transferring money. Also, you don’t need to step out of the comfort zone of your home to buy the necessities. Online shopping is largely spreading its roots in all the domains of shopping.

●    Funding

With a massive connection of people from different parts of the globe, funding and donations opportunities are no more away. An internet connection is an easy way to invite donations for a project or a charitable cause.

●    Entertainment

Also, the internet is an endless house of entertainment. There are plenty of videos, movies and streams available just some movements of fingers on your phone screen. All you need is an internet connection and there you go! Furthermore, you can download movies or videos of your choice using an internet connection.

●    Collaboration

In the times of a pandemic, when the people are stuck at home, the internet allows the businesses and companies to continue work. Also, a simple internet connection can work wonders to facilitate work from home, collaboration and access to the workforce all around the world.

It helps to create a virtual office where the working individuals can effectively communicate and coordinate with their colleagues.

●    Internet of Things

In addition, the internet has come a long way in synchronising the devices at your home with a smartphone or a computer. Most importantly, the internet of things allows you to remotely control the devices at your home. Hence, the devices become smarter and more efficient.

●    Cloud computing and storage

Lastly, the internet enables the user to connect their devices with services such as cloud computing and storage. Cloud computing is a powerful tool to handle difficult tasks as well as to access data anywhere with the help of cloud storage.

Disadvantages of the Internet

Just like every coin has two sides. Similarly, the internet has many disadvantages in addition to the advantages. Here in this essay on internet is a list of some of the major disadvantages of the internet that shouldn’t be ignored.

●    Addiction and Distractions

Firstly, the internet may lead to addictions and distractions. Sometimes, we keep on scrolling through things that we don’t need to know. Also, it causes distractions from the more important tasks.

●    Trolls and Stalkers

Secondly, many public figures experience extremely ugly trolls and bullying. They are called out names and put false allegations. Therefore, people may tend to feel depressed and unsafe on the internet. In addition, the internet coupled with social media is an easy way for stalkers to target people.

●    Pornography

In addition to the large amount of useful content available on the internet, some platforms showcase undesirable content such as porn videos. Also, some harmful individuals use the internet to circulate pornographic and violent images to ruin someone’s life.

●    Hacking and theft

Since all the personal information and stuff are stored on your internet networks, some malicious users take advantage of it. They hack your internet networks to use it for their false intentions. Additionally, with the introduction of internet banking, there are more cases of cyber theft.

●    Focus problems

With the internet always on the working mode on your phone, there are increased chances of notifications beeping on your phone. As a reflex, you immediately pick up your smartphone and scroll through things you don’t need. Therefore, the internet affects focus and patience.

●    Fake world

Due to the internet and the big world of social media, it tends to create a fake world for people. Therefore, many people feel influenced by it. They try to imitate the things found on the internet. Consequently, they get pushed into loneliness and fake fandom. This may prove to be vital in shaping the overall personality of a human being.

●    Unsafe for children

Despite being extremely useful for children, the internet may sometimes become unsafe for children. There are many pornographic and unethical things available on the internet. This may prove to be harmful to children. Also, it may lead to addiction among children.

●    Health Issues

People spend time surfing through the internet. They tend to spend most of their time sitting. Hence, this causes health issues such as obesity. Also, there are more serious problems related to obesity such as heart problems. In addition, prolonged use of computers alters the posture and causes capture tunnel syndrome.

●    Buying unnecessary items

The internet offers huge advantages to the sellers. The consumers buy things without putting any thought into it. This leads to addiction among people to buy things that they don’t need.

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Like every other human invention, the internet has its pros and cons. Which face a person encounters depends on the user. There are numerous avoidable disadvantages of the internet. But also some factors are beyond the control of human beings.

Cybersecurity needs to establish safer networks for the sharing and storing of information. Also, parents need to control the activities of children on the internet as mentioned in this essay on internet.

They need to be more cautious about the content that their children can access. A combined effort of computer engineers and internet users will combat the problems. Therefore, the internet will become a much safer place for people.

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