What is Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

What is Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

Have you ever done any research on tracking data for your website? If yes then you might have come across Google Analytics but are you aware of what exactly does Google Analytics do? To know more deeply about Google Analytics in Digital marketing, keep reading this article till the end.

Well Google Analytics is a free analytics service offered by Google which gives you insight into the analytical data of your website regarding many important things like:

  • How many people have visited your website?
  • Where are your visitors from?
  • Do you need a mobile-friendly website?
  • Which pages on your website are more popular?
  • What web content, blog do your users like the most?
  • How many visitors have been converted to leads?
  • What websites send traffic to your website?

Google Analytics provides an answer to all these questions of you with detailed data for you to analyze. With the help of Google Analytics, you can also track your return on investment for your online marketing.

You can use dozens of parameters to sort your visitors and also integrate other Google products like Google Search Console (GSC) and Ads account. Just install a small amount of “tracking code” on each page of your website. This tracking code can be used to track any of your advertising, PR campaign or any social campaign.

Besides you can organize your account in its hierarchy in Google Analytics. You can have up to 100 Google Analytics account under one Google account. Once you have installed Google Analytics on your website, set up your goals & site search. You need to wait for 24hrs for Google Analytics to start getting data.

Features of google analytics

Google Analytics is power-packed with a list of features that can provide you an instant status on your website’s technicality. Once you start getting in Google Analytics data, you can start learning about your website’s traffic. Google Analytics can give your website a much-needed boost only if you utilize the features effectively.

The features of Google Analytics (GA) are as follows:

  1. Campaign Management

A company spends a lot of money on acquiring traffic through AdWords, Paid social marketing or email, with the help of Google Analytics you can separate your traffic coming from various mediums. This can be done by simply adding parameters to your URLs via URL builder to properly track your campaigns.

  1. Setting & tracking goals

Setting up a goal is the first & foremost step for achieving success. This crucial feature allows helps you to track how much your business is progressing. You can set up 20 goals per reporting view. There can be different types of goals like making a purchase, signing up for the website, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. With such crucial information, you can make your business progress faster.

  1. Custom Reports:

This feature of Google Analytics allows you to create custom reports as per your needs. These reports are easily accessible & can be shared with other people who have GA access. You can carve a niche with unique reports on things like page timing, keyword analysis, mobile performance, etc. It saves your time and gives insight to your website.

  1. Flow visualization

This feature might give a sense of spying on your users. You can view the steps a visitor took while exploring your website & get a snapshot of which content helps them engaged. There are several flow visualization reports & one of them is the Behaviour Flow report. It tells us how visitors went from one page to another.

  1. Segment

This tool allows you to separate your website’s traffic into “segments”. You can set up segments depending on geographical area, users from various devices (mobile, laptop, etc). When you apply this tool, you’ll be able to view the detailed report on that particular segment and also compare them against each other by turning both of them at the same time.

  1. Dashboard

You can have an overview of several key reports using Dashboard so there won’t be any need to browse each report individually. In short, it’s a bookmarking took for your important reports. You can add any report to your dashboard by simply clicking on the “Add to Dashboard” button beneath the report.

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  1. Easy integration with other platforms

Google Analytics can be easily integrated with other platforms like desktop, smartphone, Google Play Store, Google AdWords, Google Search Console (GSC), tablet, etc. Social media drives a lot of traffic to any website. With Google Analytics you have the access to view what caught the attention of users and then place your advertisement accordingly.

There are many other additional features too but the above-mentioned features are the heart of Google Analytics. Google Analytics can do wonders for your business when the features are used effectively.

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