Google Remarketing Techniques to generate leads or sales

Google Remarketing Techniques to generate leads or sales

Google Remarketing is a form of digital marketing technique. It is also known as Google display network remarketing. It is a form of online advertisement. This technique is mainly focused on users who have already visited your website or any other properties.

What is Google remarketing

It displays specific ads to those users. Old users will see this ad when they are browsing the web. 90% of people are internet users and it is possible to target 9 out of ten using Google remarketing. To know more about What is Google  Remarketing, keep reading this article till the end.

Google Remarketing helps to increases the number of traffic to your site. When visitors leave your website without buying your product or setting up an appointment for your service, for example, google remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or as they search on Google. The well-known form of remarketing is Google Adwords.

The steps involved in google remarketing are:

  • Visitors or user visit the site
  • Visited users are tagged with a cookie. They are added to the remarketing list
  • Ads are shown to users on the remarketing list

The main goals of Google remarketing are to:

  • Target visitors of website those who are nothing to do with the page
  • Show a specific content page to visitors

Working of Google Remarketing

 The Google remarketing technique combines JavaScript code with the website. This process creates a browser cookie whenever the user enters the website. The cookies play an important role in awareness of the advertisers whenever the visitors browse their sites and it leads the visitors to reach the ads they were published.

 Set up Google Adwords Remarketing

  • Remarketing list includes the list of users to which you want to show your ads
  • Sign in to “Google ads”
  • Click on the “tools” menu
  • Click “Audience Manager” under the “shared library”
  • Click +icon
  • Select the remarketing list ( Website visitors, App users, YouTube Users, etc.) which you want to use
  • For Google Adwords Remarketing, “website visitors” option is to choose
  • Give a name to “audience list”
  • Click “type of visitors” (visitors of a page, a visitor of a page who also visited another page, visitor who did not visit another page, etc. ) and select the type you want to create
  • Add the user who visited your site
  • Give the number of visitors who visited your site
  • Specify the membership duration
  • Describe your audience and click on create an audience

Benefits of Google Adwords Remarketing

Below are the few benefits of Ad Word Remarketing:

  1. Helps to find users who already visited the site
  2. Help customers find you by showing them your ads when they are actively looking at your business
  3. It allows you to create a remarketing list to advise for specific cases.
  4. Helps to create high performance remarketing campaigns with automated bidding
  5. Can easily create ads because product text, images, and video are free with ads gallery
  6. Better traffic
  7. Cost of advertising is very low
  8. Possible to make changes in ads based on which product the customer last visited
  9. You will get a report about the performance of your campaigns

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How to Increase Quality Score in Digital Marketing (PPC)

We all understand and read about PPC (Pay Per Click) in digital marketing in our recent articles. Now, the Quality score also matters for PPC in digital marketing. It means Google’s rating based on your quality and relevance of both your PPC ads and keywords. Quality score is mainly used to determine your CPC (Cost Per Click) and your ranking also in the process of auction of as on Google search engine. Google categorized dependency on your quality score in multiple factors like:

  • Performance of your Ad account on Google historically.
  • Quality and relevance of landing page
  • Each Ad group keyword’s relevance
  • Ad text’s relevance
  • Your CTR means Click Through Rate.

These above are all the factors that your quality score depends upon but as said CTR is the most important factor of your quality score in digital marketing. But Google also doesn’t know how much exactly ‘weighs in quality score depends upon. When more and more means a large number of visitors click your ad then it makes a strong and powerful indication to Google that your ad was relevant and more helpful for users.

 Increase Quality Score in PPC

Quality Score is most important for your ad in Google Ads and Bing Ads to determine how much and where your ad appears, it is most important to get a top rank in the rating by working consistently on your account of Google ads or Bing ads. Below are some factors that help you to increase your quality score in PPC in digital marketing:

Adding Negative Keywords- You must focus on relevant keywords and work on researching, identifying or adding new keywords that your visitors or viewers like the most. It will only waste your time and budget also adding relevant keywords working on them or identifying them.

Refining Ad Text- It also effectively increases your quality score in identifying or finding more attractive ads. You must work on finding more attractive text or content for your ads. More effective or attractive ads got higher CTR and also improving your quality score instantly.

Optimizing Landing Pages- You must optimize your ads attached landing pages from time to time for the improvement of your CTR. It directly attached you to the pages with your ad groups. It also provides for all the viewers and also made you able to increase your quality score.

Keyword Research- You must give time to discover and find highly relevant and short keywords to be added to your ad campaigns and also including long-tail keywords that can give you support to increase overall traffic of visitors on your ads. It will increase your ads click and indirectly improve your quality score.

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