Difference Between Internal and External Link

Difference Between Internal and External Link

In today’s era of Digital Marketing which consists of boosting your page on the search engine result page, every link holds a key position. There are two types of links consisting of – Internal link & External link. Both types of links hold a strategic position on the SERP. To know all the Differences Between Internal and External Link, keep reading this article till the end.

Internal Link

The link which helps you navigate from one page to another page within the same domain is an internal link or inbound link. It points you within your website i.e redirects you within the website. Linking to a page on the same website a user is currently viewing is internal linking. The menu bar at the top of any website includes an internal link. It all starts with your domain name.

If your website has more than one page, the internal link becomes crucial as if you don’t have them, you cannot navigate your site. Internal links are connected internally on the website & browse directly to the inner pages of your website. Internal link helps in increasing the time spent by a user on your website. It is a technique in digital marketing to link up one post to another so that it helps in increasing user outreach to your website.

E.g. you own a tour & travels firm & it’s listed on a webpage. So, when a user navigates from packages & offers page to the mission & vision or the contact us page of the website, it is internal linking or when another website points to your website. Here you are adding one link to your post to another post to get traffic for your website.

Internal link = link that navigates within the same domain

External Link

The link which helps you navigate from one domain to another is external link or backlink or off-page linking. In simple words, if another website directs to your webpage or you link out to another website, this is called an external link. They are used to redirect users to other featured websites. It helps you get traffic from another website.

The external link doesn’t start with your domain name. Links from other sites to yours are also called external link but the preferred term is “inbound link”. An external link is linked from outside your domain redirect to your domain or any other domain.

External links may seem contradictory, after all, who would want customers clicking on links that direct them away from your site. However, it’s important to keep in mind that other sites for different companies can also provide external links to your website on their webpage as well.

For example: If you publish a blog or article with insightful content, other companies may use it as a source for its blog. Another example of external linking is guest posting on any other website This type of links helps in boosting your ranking in search results.

External link = link that navigates from another domain

Benefits of Internal &External Link

Internal link forms the map of your website. A logically linked content is both visually appealing & effective. It helps organize the content on your website & helps users find information quickly. A precise menu-bar, natural page link helps both users and search engines find your content easily and will help a viewer stay engaged in your website and encourage them to become a follower or customer.

Your website’s visibility and rank on a search engine can be improved by adding internal links as internal links will help crawlers find other relevant pages on your website thus increasing the traffic on your website and decreasing the bounce rate of the website.

Coming to an external link, they are the reason for better visibility. It is a great source of free traffic from another website however the traffic increases only if that link is from good quality site & related to your search. Striving for getting better quality links will help in building an external link. Valuable external links will also help to improve the authority of your website.

If external link benefits the readers, it will automatically benefit you as if a user happens to get some useful topic on your website and they find a link which links to some other source it will no doubt increase their knowledge, they would again visit your website.

Hence both internal & external link plays an important role in the overall traffic to your webpage so one should be careful regarding the quality & quantity of the content before posting.

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