What is Keywords in Digital Marketing

What is Keywords in Digital Marketing

A keyword is the web content that makes easy access to the site for every user. Nowadays everyone uses the internet to search for everything like the product and services they want. While using the internet the first thing user do is typing a keyword in the search box. The key factor behind digital marketing is the use of keywords. To know more about What is Keyword in Digital Marketing, keep reading this article till the end, you will get to know much more in the end.

Digital marketing targets the audience through keywords. Identifying the best keyword helps the business together increase the reach of their product. A keyword is a very important aspect of digital marketing. They connect users to the website. By using such keywords, we get the desired result.

There are many ways to get the effective keyword for the website:

  • Google trends
  • Ad Words keywords

Some concepts related to the keyword which help in optimizing the keywords on a web page:

  • Keyword frequency: This is calculated as how often does a keyword appears in a website title or description. You do not want to go overboard with frequency, however, since one some engines if you repeat a word too many times, it will lead to keyword stuffing
  • Keyword Weight: It refers to the number of keywords appearing on your web page compared to the total number of words appearing on that same page.
  • Keyword Proximity: It refers to how the keywords are close to one another, or to another element on the website.
  • Keyword Prominence: It refers to how much the keyword is eye-catchy.
  • Keyword Placement: Keywords can be placed in every field of the website.

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Some of the examples are:

  • Keywords in heading tags
  • Keywords in the name of the image
  • Keywords in the title of the blog etc

Types of keyword used in digital marketing or SEO are:

  1. Short tail keywords: As the name suggested short tail keywords are short keywords that are made up of three words or less. Sometimes they are also called the head keyword.
  2. Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords consist of more than three words. They are also usually much more specific than short-tail keywords.
  3. Evergreen keywords: those are relevant all the time.

Importance of Keyword in Digital Marketing (SEO)

 The most efficient way of optimizing website content is through keywords. The most popular SEO technique is the use of keywords. Selecting the right keywords and implementing them in your web content is the major part of SEO. If this is not done correctly, the basic theme of the website won’t get good traffic and all other optimization techniques will fail. Due to this, the chances of your website to gain a higher rank in Google or any other search engine will diminish.

Search engines give preference to relevant content and keyword help your website content to stay relevant to its basic theme. This increases your website’s chances of scoring a higher rank in Google search results due to higher relevancy attached. Ultimately, the website will gain in the form of good vision traffic. The use of proper keywords will generate the best results. So, we can say that keywords are very important fact of SEO technique.

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