Various PPC tools which can help you to grow your business

Various PPC tools which can help you to grow your business

PPC is a form of digital marketing that helps to add traffic to your website through ads and you pay Google for per click on your ads. Advertising on the search engine is the most popular form of PPC. There are various PPC tools which I have explained below.

Various PPC Tools in digital marketing

PPC is normally associated with Google ads and Bing ads. When a keyword query matches with advertiser’s query, it will display an ad. PPC tools are an important part of marketing campaigns. To know more about the Different PPC Tools in Digital Marketing, keep reading this article till the end.

Tools help to manage your accounts. There are many PPC tools that help to increase the traffic of digital marketing. The selection of the right tool helps to reduce expenses and increase sales.

PPC tools are listed below:

Google ads editor

  • It can be downloaded free without any cost
  • It is used to manage Google ad campaigns
  • The process of Google ad editor is: download one or more accounts, make changes in offline after that upload that changes to Google ads
  • This tool of PPC reduces the time
  • It helps to make changes in bulk

Bing Ads Editor

  • Bing Ads Editor supports Campaign optimization
  • It is used to manage Bing Ads
  • It is cost-free
  • It helps to improve your data directly into the editor with the help of Google.
  • It is possible to manage multiple accounts together with the help of Bing Ads Editor

Word Stream PPC Advisor

  • Word Stream PPC Advisor is Cost-effective
  • It is mainly focusing on Businesses which want to take the advantages of PPC but don’t have the financial status
  • It is integrated with Google Ads and Bing Ads


  • It is cost applicable
  • It is the best tool now available in the industry
  • It automates the optimization of ads with the help of machine learning capabilities


  • It helps to optimize Facebook ad campaigns
  • It helps advertisers to save time and effort
  • It increases the campaign’s performance

Google Trends

  • It is an online search tool
  • It helps to identify how often a specific keyword has been searched for a specific period of time. The result is visible in a search index volume graph


  • It helps to identify the competitors
  • It identifies all about the keywords they use and how much they are paying for them
  • It also identifies the number of paid keywords a site contains

PPC Protect

  • Helps to automatically stop the click on fraud
  • It is a very helpful tool in the ad campaign
  • Reduces budget
  • I have the most effective IP blocking system
  • Allows multiple users per account
  • It monitors your traffic

Ten scores

  • Provide recommendations on improving your Google Ad Words quality score
  • Provides clear analysis of your quality score history
  • It helps to identify the areas for improvement

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Keyword Spy

  • It is a free SEO and PPC tools for keyword research
  • Helps to identify how much each site is spending on Ad words
  • Generates daily database updates.

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