How to generate leads/sales through PPC Campaign?

How to generate leads/sales through PPC Campaign?

How to generate leads/sales through PPC Campaign

Firstly, we should know about PPC Campaign. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC Campaign is related to digital advertising, advertisement, advertisers.

PPC is the structure of the digital marketing technique in which every advertiser must pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked or visited. Normally, it refers to the method of purchasing visits to an advertiser’s site.

One of the most famous forms of PPC Campaigns is search engine advertising. It allows advertisers to buy a place at the top of any search engine when a related keyword is searched.

Advertisers indirectly made a huge profit in some clicks or visits. If an advertiser earned nothing by a click then he must pay its regular fee like $3 and when he earned even $300 then also he pays only $3 as the fee to the search engine. So, sometimes advertisers earned a huge profit.

All the websites utilize PPC Campaign ads. It displays an advertisement when the related keyword searches on a search engine. These are known as sponsored links or sponsored ads. Also, these ads show anywhere on a website when the advertiser wants. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, also adapted the model of pay per click as the advertisements.

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How Does Pay Per Click Works?

How does Pay per Click campaign work in digital marketing

Firstly, we must understand the cost per click (CPC) that is calculated by dividing the whole cost of advertisement clicks. Formula of CPC ($) =cost of advertisement ($)/ number of clicked ads (#).Now, for measuring cost per click, there are two main models i.e. bid based and flat rate.

An advertiser may take the possible values of a click of a given source. This value is based on the advertiser expect from his/her individual visitors on his/her website.

The gain of the advertiser from his/her website is known as revenue in both flat rate and bid based models. But aside from models of PPC Campaign. If any business straight jump into the PPC campaign they complain when they can’t earn their expected profit. It is essential for everybody who wants to earn their expected profit from PPC campaign that how PPC Campaign works in digital marketing.

There are two main parties that PPC Campaign has: Advertisers and Publishers. Businesses and individuals who want to promote their goods & services are coming under Advertisers. They pay to the networks of social media (like Facebook, Twitter) to show their ads on their network.

They have to pay to the network on each click by any visitor on their ads. They are targeting the competition of the market depending upon their keywords. If many other competitors fighting for the same keyword then it is necessary to increase the price of that keyword. All the businesses have to fight or compete for taking place on Google’s homepage for their ad as there is high competition for that.

Now, let us take a view of Publishers. They are m a team with PPC Campaign networks for gaining revenue from their ad display. Almost all the publishers own their own websites on which they can display their ads. How much a publisher earns is determined at the last and by the visitors clicked in what the keyword was.

They are introduced by many networks of PPC campaigns for increasing their potential audience and ads displaying websites. By increasing Publishers, PPC Campaign networks are allowed to reach a huge range of users. The advantage of having publishers or partners means all the advertisers pay less for clicks than they usually paid for. So, It’s all about PPC Campaign and its working in digital marketing.

Important components of the PPC campaign

The most popular form of PPC Campaign is search engine advertising. It is one of the models of Digital Marketing where advertisers pay money for each click on their ad. It is a way of buying visitors to your ad. PPC campaign has a strong ability to increase the business of your product

There are some key components for the PPC campaign are:

  1. Keyword Selection

This process should take place in the early stages of Campaign creation. when you are trying to organize a PPC campaign, it will consume your time and expense. So it’s important to ensure that you get it right. Choosing the right keyword is an important part of your business.

Commonly searched phrases can be identified by the keyword. You increase your chances of connecting with the users who are searching for the products or services promoted in your PPC campaign advertising placement.

  1. Keyword bidding

Once you have selected the keywords for your PPC campaign in digital marketing, you must bid on them. A higher bid will increase the rank of the PPC campaign. You may want to start by bidding as high as your pay per click marketing budget will allow and make adjustments over time as you see results, as the competition for keywords is extremely high

3. The landing page

creating your landing page should include three things:

*good title

*great copy

*clear call to action

The title is very important because it tells your visitors that they are arrived in the correct place based on the copy they clicked on. The landing page is mainly targeted on the traffic. The main purpose of the landing page is to generate leads for your business

4.Website Analysis

We couldn’t identify what happens when visitors visit our website by click through. But there is software available which helps to identify the PPC Campaign advertising visitors activity on your site

5.Good Offer

You need to give a good offer to your clients

6.Well written ad

Whatever the PPC Campaign platform, you need to create the best ad for each platform. It includes the style of ads, the format of writing, etc. Every time you make sure that your ads are created in the correct format and correct size.


In digital marketing, It is not possible to go with a PPC campaign without a budget. First, you assign a small budget, then going with your PPC campaign, then proceed alternations as you wish. Alternations are like continue with your ad, stop your ad or make changes in it.

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