Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

Before going to tell all the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing let’s know what SEO Stands for, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful way to increase the visibility of web pages. It is used to optimize web pages. SEO makes the web page search engine friendly. When we search for that page or website in a browser, it will get a higher position in the search. SEO is a subset of search engine marketing. To know all the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing, keep reading this article till the end.

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, is marketing using digital technologies. Digital marketing uses different technologies for marketing products. SEO is one of the technologies used in digitalized marketing. The role of SEO serves as an important in Digital Marketing.

Nowadays SEO is widely using in website designing so that it can get a higher position in a search result and the users can easily access that site. As compared to other techniques SEO has long-lasting traffic.

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SEO has mainly two methods of optimizing the websites:

  • On-page optimization: this technique of SEO increases user traffic and visibility.

It refers to all the measures taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in search. The webpage contains HTML source code and webpage content. To optimize a website, we need to use these contents.

  • Off-page optimization: this method increases the position of the website in search by taking all the measures that are externally from a website. Off-page optimization mainly focus on website promotion

A business can be benefit from SEO. There are some reasons which make SEO very importance in Digital marketing:

Increased Traffic: the process of making the webpages on the top position on search results is actually an online real estate. These marketing of websites generate impressions on end-user and it will increase the number of visitors for the website.

Cost-effectively: The role of SEO in Digital Marketing is mainly focused on the visitors who are looking for that specified product or website.

Increases site usability: It is easy for users to access the website. While using SEO technique in the website, search engine rearranges the link and architecture of website so that it easily navigate to that site

High Brand awareness: The role of SEO in Digital Marketing helps in website promotion. When it be attractive to the users, they will share it on other platforms like social media. A higher position in search results in a higher number of visitors and impressions on that page. It will increase the brand awareness of the business.

We can say that SEO is the soul of Digital Marketing. Competitions in marketing are increasing day to day. People search on the internet first for anything. So, the need for SEO is Digital Marketing never ends.

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